Earth Your new home

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Earth Your new home

We submitted a video to the Filmsupply Challenge, a submission called “Earth Your new Home.” It is a contest to create a fictional 60-second commercial using the footage of Filmsupply and music from Musicbed. It has been selected now waiting for the results. Please like and share it, but also like the video on Vimeo Vimeo and watch it many times as you like to increase the views. Get your friends to watch it. “Make Earth Your new home.”
Produced by Antonio TwizShiz Edward and Serenity Alyanna Edward.

There is a place
Of beauty
Breathtaking views
This is your place
The jewel of the universe
Your new home.

To promote Earth to the universe as a home destination.

Earth Your new home from Filmsupply Challenge on Vimeo.

Web site about the contest

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